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Ramadani About Me / '
Issue 01 / Folio Creative Developer
Specializing in
Gallery project mobile version
Gallery / Mobile
Front-End And (Motion) Scroll

00(1) Estudio persona project
00(2) Gallery project mobile version
00(3) Gallery project displays mobile version
00(4) More gallery displays
00(5) E-commerce app for shoes
00(6) Countdown project
00(7) Mobile display
Visual Exploration Board / (23-24)
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Persona contemporary furniture
00(1) Persona / Contemporary Furniture
Gallery desktop interior curations
00(2) Gallery Desktop / Interior Curations
Gallery mobile interior curations 23
00(3) Gallery / Interior curations 23'
Edition digial magazine
00(4) Edition / Digital Magazine
Estudio persona mobile
00(5) Estudio Persona
Gallery interior curations
00(6) Third Desktop / Preloved Luxury Bags
Osp curated sneakers
00(7) OSP / Curated sneakers
Have a project in mind? Or you want to say hello, get in touch.
Have a project in mind? Or you want to say hello, get in touch with me.
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